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Investment Criteria  

Retirement/Management Buy-Out
The major shareholders are looking to retire and realize on the substantial value they have created in their businesses. VG Partners will buy the company, and provide the owners with a safe and profitable way of retiring. VG Partners is happy to work together with the current management team as partners in the purchase, or can bring in experienced outside management.

Partial Cash-Out
The owners are looking towards an eventual retirement, and wish to realize on a portion of the value they have created in their company today. Such a “staged exit” allows an owner to enjoy a sizeable portion of their equity now, while working on a succession plan and eventually complete retirement.

A parent company is looking to divest one or more of its non-core operating divisions. VG Partners will work with the management team to purchase the division.

Occasionally business partners have disputes that cannot be resolved. VG Partners can provide the financing to allow one partner to buy out the other.

Industry Consolidation
The company operates in a fragmented industry that provides an attractive opportunity for consolidation and management has the desire to become the dominant player in the market. VG Partners will provide the capital and expertise for the consolidation.

The company is publicly traded but perhaps “orphaned” by the markets. VG Partners can provide the funds and the expertise to take the company private and continue its growth strategy.

High Growth
The company is experiencing rapid growth and needs capital to fuel its development. VG Partners will provide growth equity in order to help the company grow and multiply its value.

Size of Investment:
Generally in the $5 million to $20 million purchase price range.

Industry Sectors of Interest:
At VG Partners, we have had extensive experience in a wide range of industries, from service, distribution, manufacturing and technology. To us, the important criteria are an experienced and dedicated management team, with a significant financial interest in the business. And the second is a stable, predictable and secure cash flow.

Geographic Focus:
Ontario only.